Design Map

Our designers use customer journey mapping, UX/UI and wireframe prototyping to design bespoke technical solutions for you and your team.

Case Study

SME Banking reimagined

Our teams worked with a small bank on the east coast to redesign a typical community bank and accelerate its digital proposition.

Meet Avalon, the latest app designed to help business owners manage their finances better, by predicting cashflow, finding the right financing tools and analysing spend by automating receipt uploads. 

SMEs are a growing segment and make up for over 90% of businesses in most countries. Their needs are not as complex as a corporate and yet not as simple as a personal consumer either. With that in mind, Avalon was born. We took the best-in-market user journeys, mapped them together to create a value proposition that was years ahead digitally.


Avalon technology is microsystem based on multiple real time servers allowing customers to open accounts within minutes using state of the art KYC operations.  With a simple debit card and app customers can be up and running with their new businesses straight away.

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