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FinTech Daily; UI the Missing Link to Blockchain Going Mainstream; AI is Revolutionising Enterprise

User Interface - The Missing Link to Mainstream Adoption of Blockchain

As is currently obtainable in most cases, only individuals with certain abilities, especially those capable of reading and interpreting computer codes, are really capable of maximizing the potential of most Blockchain resources.

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The next wave of applications Creating user interfaces that can enable the easy application of Blockchain solutions without any special coding skills or extra computer language specialization appears to be an important aspect of industry development if Blockchain is to go mainstream. "This is part of the next wave of Bitcoin and Blockchain applications. Blockchain technology has now proven itself incredibly useful and valuable for a variety of applications, and developers are now working away on creating these applications. One such application could be Blockchain-based accounting systems, where accountants can create and access financial reports on the Blockchain - as a user-facing application where no coding skills are necessary." Estonian Blockchain startup Agrello claims that its technology is being developed to allow users without coding or legal skills to form legally-binding agreements on the Blockchain, and to streamline production processes through the automation of resource allocation. According to Vogel, especially on the payment side, the mainstream adoption of Blockchain will happen in ways where people don't even realize that they're using the Blockchain. Ultimate recipe for mainstream adoption: usability, speed, security, scale Melvin Petties, Blockchain evangelist and technologist, notes the current existence of such capabilities - the low hanging fruit for the developer community is to create the appropriate hooks into the platforms that are available. There exists a universal agreement that whatever efforts are taken to lower the barrier to building value on the Blockchain, the better off we are as innovators and a society as a whole.

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Link: https://cointelegraph.com/news/user-interface-the-missing-link-to-mainstream-adoption-of-blockchain

How Artificial Intelligence Is Revolutionising Enterprise Software In 2017

Cowen finds the market is still nascent, with CIOs eager to invest in new AI-related initiatives. The following graphic provides an overview of company readiness for machine learning and AI projects.

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Machine Learning is predicted to generate the most revenue and is attracting the most venture capital investment in all areas of AI. Venture Scanner found that ML raised $3.5B to date, far ahead of the next category, Natural Language Processing, which has seen just over $1Bn raised to date. Venture Scanner believes that Machine Learning Applications and Machine Learning Platforms are two relatively early stage markets that stand to have some of the greatest market disruptions. Cowen predicts it will be commonplace for enterprise apps to have machine learning algorithms that can provide predictive insights across a broad base of scenarios encompassing a company's entire value chain. Machine Learning-based Applications and Deep Learning Neural Networks are experiencing the largest and widest amount of investment attention in the enterprise. Accenture leverages machine learning in 40% of active Analytics engagements, and nearly 80% of proposed Analytics opportunities today.

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Link: https://www.forbes.com/sites/louiscolumbus/2017/06/11/how-artificial-intelligence-is-revolutionizing-enterprise-software-in-2017/

Bitcoin Drops $300 in One Hour as Price Falls Abruptly and Rebounds

The price of bitcoin may have just topped $3,000 for the first time, but that doesn't mean the digital asset is leaving its historical volatility behind.

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At roughly 10:00 UTC this morning, bitcoin prices fell abruptly, dropping more than $300 in a span of minutes from $2,980 to a daily low of $2,650. The more than $300 decline came just hours after bitcoin climbed to a new high of $3,000 on the CoinDesk Bitcoin Price Index, a weighted average of prices across major exchanges. The decline was short-lived, with prices returning to just under $2,900 a half hour later on the BPI. According to analysts, early indications are the price capitulation could herald that the bitcoin price has diverged too far from fundamentals. The decline coincided with the closure of millions of dollars in long positions on OKCoin, one of the major leveraged bitcoin exchanges, a development that likely exacerbated the decline. All in all the price of bitcoin has been surging of late. Though today's decline could give investors caution, bitcoin has risen more than $1,000 over the last 30 days as investor interest in cryptocurrencies continues to increase amid a period of robust gains for the asset class.

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Link: http://www.coindesk.com/bitcoin-drops-300-one-hour-price-falls-abruptly-rebounds/

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