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ConsenSys is a company that is creating an Etherum island, Italian banks servers are hijacked to min

ConsenSys, Nation of Mauritius in Talks to Create 'Ethereum Island'

ConsenSys is actively exploring a partnership with the African nation of Mauritius that could create an "Ethereum Island," a hub for blockchain technology innovators that would seek to branch out into Africa, Asia and beyond. Mauritius, located 700 miles east of Madagascar, has established itself as an offshore financial centre and is actively looking to do same with regard to blockchain and related technologies. Late last year, it began the process of establishing a regulatory sandbox license. Read the full article here

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Five Big Businesses Leading Bitcoin Charge

Some of the world’s biggest companies have seen the light and are accepting digital currencies as a form of payment. Bitcoin’s reputation as an obscure currency that is only used on the Darknet has long been left behind as the digital currency finds itself more in the mainstream. The growth of the currency as an asset has sparked the interest of forward-thinking and progressive companies. The likes of Microsoft, Overstock.com, DISH Network, Intuit, and even the rival of sorts PayPal are all utilising Bitcoin. Read the full article here

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Bitcoin Price Triangle Breakout Imminent, Investors Sense ‘Big Move’

Bitcoin’s price is about to break out in what commentators expect will be a “big move.”Excitement among the cryptocurrency’s online traders is building Monday, as weeks of comparatively flat price action look to end soon. Bitcoin has been trading on average between $2,400 and $2,800 since June 16, a considerably less volatile period to that which preceded it, according to data from Coinmarketcap. Read the full article here

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Wall Street Journal: Bitcoin ‘Need Not Compete With Dollar’ For ‘Respect’

The Wall Street Journal has joined the increasing number of mainstream news sites newly bullish on Bitcoin. Northwestern University law professor John O. McGinnis led a buoyant appraisal of the virtual currency’s potential versus government-controlled fiat.“To continue to flourish, Bitcoin does not have to become a more stable store of value than the US dollar,” he wrote together with lawyer Kyle W. Roche.“It can climb the rungs of respectability by prevailing over less trustworthy currencies.

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An Italian bank’s server was hijacked to mine bitcoin

During a presentation at a conference last week, British cybersecurity experts had some tales to tell of surreptitious and sometimes illegal bitcoin mining in the time before huge computing power was required to turn a profit at the activity. In January 2015 the British cybersecurity firm Darktrace was called to investigate a possible intrusion in the systems of an Italian bank. Read the full article here

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