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Cryptocurrency Market Drops to Near 50% Decline From All-Time High, Insurers Embrace Big Data, Finte

Cryptocurrency Market Drops to Near 50% Decline From All-Time High

The total value of all publicly traded cryptocurrencies has declined more than $10bn in the last 24 hours, amid a sell-off that broadly impacted the nascent asset class.With the move, the market has now declined precipitously from a peak reached in mid-June, when it set an all-time high of $115bn, according to data from Coinmarketcap. In just over 30 days, the market has fallen 46.9%, falling to a low of $61bn at press time. Read the full article here

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Albanian Central Bank Issues Bitcoin Warning, Appeals To Public to Be Mature

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have been making headlines around the world, and with the recent sell-off this week, more is sure to be said. Central banks continue to make statements regarding the dangers of digital currencies, or, conversely, extolling their benefits.The most recent bank to issue such a warning is the central bank of Albania. The bank issued a statement warning citizens that digital currencies were not under the direct purvey of the country’s banking sector regulations carried extremely high levels of risk. Read the full article here

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Blockchain for Babyboomers: What Stops Older Generation From Using Bitcoin?

Baby boomers are the richest generation in US history, accounting for 70 percent of the nation’s disposable income, and inheriting some $13 tln in the next 20 years.Yet Bitcoin users over 55 years old account for less than seven percent of the total market. What’s stopping the older generation from entering this $87 bln market? And what will happen to the value of the cryptocurrency market when baby boomers finally get on board? Read the full article here

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Ex-Bankers Keep Falling for Digital Currencies, Integrating Crypto in New Businesses

The number of former bankers entering the digital currency marketplace in one form or another keeps growing. Some well accomplished examples are ex-JP Morgan Blythe Masters and former Barclays CEO Antony Jenkins just to name a few. Ex-Credit Suisse trader and his startup Revolut. Former banker secures millions in funding to spread reach and product from fiat into digital currencies. Nikolay Storonsky, trader turned startup founder, has secured an investment of $66 mln in order to expand his banking startup Revolut. Read the full article here

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Get with the times: Insurers embrace big data, fintech to cut cost, improve services

Hong Kong’s newly set up insurance regulator is encouraging insurance companies to develop financial technology, as providers embrace the big data revolution to manage risk and lower the cost for their products. ‘We are very keen on promoting fintech in the insurance industry. We plan to help the industry to use technology to enhance their services and better manage risks,” Read the full article here

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