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State Street to Bitcoin Bull: Blockchain Boss Leaves to Launch Crypto Startup, Bitcoin Cash Third-Bi

Suddenly, Bitcoin Exchange Poloniex Changes Terms of Use, Triggers Alarm

Bitcoin exchange Poloniex recently notified users of changes to the site’s terms of use, triggering some degree of alarm on the /r/bitcoinmarkets subreddit."While Poloniex did not highlight the changes that were made, Reddit user NLNico parsed the document and composed a long list. There are some surprising changes, including bizarre items such as a claim to own anything that a user writes about the exchange on its social media accounts."Users are also required to agree not to use a web crawler to access any of their pages and are informed that stop loss orders may not execute. Read the full article here

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Small business loan platform Kabbage nabs $250M from Softbank

Kabbage, a company with some 115,000 customers and $3.5 billion in loans that has built an automated platform for lending money to small businesses and individuals using a large set of data points to determine a customer’s credit score, is announcing some big cabbageof its own today. SoftBank Group is investing $250 million in Kabbage — funding that Rob Frohwein, the co-founder and CEO, said the company plans to use to expand its business in the U.S. Read the full article here

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State Street to Bitcoin Bull: Blockchain Boss Leaves to Launch Crypto Startup

Institutional investors have a hard road when it comes to buying large amounts of cryptocurrencies.The market's shallow, unorganized pools of liquidity mean investors looking to buy more than $20 million-worth of a cryptocurrency often find themselves pulling together investments the old-fashioned way – by cold-calling people they know and putting together the order manually. Read the full article here

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Bitcoin Cash Price Poised to Plummet Once Network Stabilizes

Two days after the chain split that resulted in the launch of Bitcoin Cash, the fledgling coin is quite an unusual position. The Bitcoin Cash network is almost non-functional due to extremely slow block times, inherited as a result of Bitcoin’s mining difficulty at the time of the fork. The token itself is quite valuable—trading for over $400—but only for a small fraction of the people who own them. Read the full article here

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HSBC aims to work like a fintech

Two years after it started on an accelerated path towardsdigital transformation, HSBC wants to further speed up the process by “working like a fintech”.According to a new report published by Ernst & Young, a fintech is an organization that combines innovative business models and technology to enable, enhance and disrupt financial services.

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“Now, they are clearly not talking about traditional players like us,” said Darryl West, HSBC CIO at the recently concluded RISE Conference in Hong Kong. Read the full article here

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