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US Lawmakers Draft Bill Protecting Cryptocurrencies from Gov Interference, By Joshua Althauser Lite

US Lawmakers Draft Bill Protecting Cryptocurrencies from Gov Interference

Several members of the US Congress are drafting legislation that is intended to recognise certain digital currencies and protect them against interference from the federal government.The bill, which will provide protection to cryptocurrencies that comply with certain minimum requirements to prevent them from being used by those engaged in illegal business practices like drug traffickers and terrorists, is expected to be filed in September 2017, according to DailyCaller. Read the full article here

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Litecoin to Become One of The Best Investment Options: Geoffrey Caveney

Seeking Alpha analyst Geoffrey Caveney forecasts that the “silver” in the world of cryptocurrencies, Litecoin, has the capability to become one of the best investing options in the market. Caveney’s prediction is based on the fact that the digital currency is one of the three virtual currencies that are being supported to be traded on Coinbase, which is arguably the most famous exchange cryptocurrency platform as of August 2017. Read the full article here

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The New Pachinko? Exploring the Economics of Initial Coin Offerings

Dr. Avtar Sehra is CEO and chief architect at Nivaura, a startup aiming to bring blockchain and distributed ledger efficiencies to financial services. In this opinion piece, Sehra explores the emerging markets being built upon cryptocurrencies, shedding light on important aspects of the underlying structural and dynamic economics of ICOs. Read the full article here

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The Great Disruption: A FinTech Snapshot

The technology underpinning the global economy is vast and intricate. The breadth of systems employed, the depth of their complexity, and the sheer digitisation of it all make it easy to believe that we have already passed through a technological revolution in finance. One could argue that this revolution started nearly 200 years ago, with the invention of the telegraph or the locomotive, both of which enabled long-distance transactions, opening up an entirely new world of finance. Or it could be argued that PayPal started a financial revolution in 1998. Read the full article here

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