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Despite Potential Forks and Volatility, Bitcoin Price Eyeing $6,000 in 2017; DeepMind's new AI e

Despite Potential Forks and Volatility, Bitcoin Price Eyeing $6,000 in 2017

There are a few rocky months left in the year for Bitcoin, but experts are starting to predict that the digital currency could still rally another 40 percent to end on $6,000 for the year. Many have had stabs at predicting the Bitcoin price at the end of this year of rapid rise, from stock picker Ronnie Moas who said he sees Bitcoin reaching $5,000 by the end of the year - although it already crossed that boundary recently. Bitcoin has seen a lot of activity in the third quarter of this year, from dramatic rises to forks and bans on ICOs. However, despite the ups and downs... Read the full article here

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DeepMind's new AI ethics unit is the company's next big move

As we hand over more of our lives to artificial intelligence systems, keeping a firm grip on their ethical and societal impact is crucial. For DeepMind, whose stated mission is to “solve intelligence”, that task will be the work of a new initiative tackling one of the most fundamental challenges of the digital age: technology is not neutral. DeepMind Ethics & Society (DMES), a unit comprised of both full-time DeepMind employees and external fellows, is the company’s latest attempt to scrutinise the societal impacts of the technologies it creates. In development for the past 18 months... Read the full article here

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How Big Data And Artificial Intelligence are Changing Online Lending

As digital lending continues to grow in size, companies are looking for ways to make their services more efficient and profitable to both lenders and borrowers. And they believe artificial intelligence and big data hold the key to the future of loans. Lenders traditionally make decisions based on a loan applicant’s credit score, a three-digit number obtained from credit bureaus such as Experian and Equifax. Credit scores are calculated from data such as payment history, credit history length and credit line... Read the full article here

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‘Try Ethereum!’ Crypto Tells Goldman Sachs CEO ‘Thinking’ On Bitcoin

Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein has said he’s “still thinking” about Bitcoin as the cryptocurrency community suggests he “understands” Ethereum. In a rare tweet Tuesday, Blankfein said that when fiat currency displaced gold, consumers were “skeptical,” hinting Bitcoin may be in a similar position in 2017.“No conclusion - not endorsing/rejecting,” he wrote about the number one virtual currency.“ Know that folks also were skeptical when paper money displaced gold.” His tone marks a stark contrast to that taken by similar industry figures, notably... Read the full article here

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