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The Last Hurdle: Liquidity Alliance Closes in on Distributed Ledger Launch; The Indian Billionaire W

The Last Hurdle: Liquidity Alliance Closes in on Distributed Ledger Launch

A world of frictionless commerce relies heavily on lenders being able to trust they'll be repaid – or if not, that they'll get something else in return. But this "something else" – collateral – isn't nearly as easy to move as the money itself. To solve this problem, a group of international depositories and stock exchanges called the Liquidity Alliance united this year to launch LA Ledger, a blockchain solution designed to do to collateral what bitcoin did for value transfer. Now, having completed the proof-of-concept, the group is ready to launch a commercial product with only one thing left in its way: regulatory approval. Read the full article here

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The Indian Billionaire With His Eye On Robotics

Tej Kohli, the Indian billionaire philanthropist aiming to halve the number of people with corneal blindness, has a new ambition. The entrepreneur and philanthropist has a mission to control and reduce the magnitude of avoidable corneal blindness worldwide by 2030. Through his Kohli Ventures arm, he is also an investor in Zynergy Group, a company pioneering solar water pumps which Kohli believes can cost-effectively meet the challenge of feeding India’s growing population and help tackle... Read the full article here

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BTC to DLT: Why Aren't Banks Giving Blockchain Startups Accounts?

Life isn't easy for a startup. As anyone who has tried it knows, it's long hours, low pay, constant stress and a relentless march into the unknown. But, it's even harder for cryptocurrency startups. Earlier this week, the UK's Financial Conduct Authority published a report highlighting the difficulty that blockchain businesses have in getting basic banking services. Many are met with blanket refusals, some are given limited access and others get banking support yanked without warning. And the problem is not... Read the full article here

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Financial pros flock to online fintech courses

Financial professionals are taking online financial technology (fintech) courses to fend off competition and stay ahead of disruption. The boost in uptake is due in part to a feeling among those in the industry that financial technology has reached a turning point in its evolution. A report from Citigroup in 2016 caused widespread debate when it estimated that between 2 million and 6 million jobs would be lost in banking across the U.S. and Europe over the next 10 years. Read the full article here

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Japanese Financial Watchdog Issues Warning over ICO Risks

Japanese financial regulator, the Financial Services Agency (FSA), has issued a statement warning investors of the risks associated with initial coin offerings (ICOs). In the statement released Oct. 27, the FSA stressed the "high" risk factors of digital tokens issued as a way of raising funds from for investors. The regulator aired several concerns over the blockchain use case including price volatility, with the FSA saying "The price of a token may decline or become worthless suddenly." Read the full article here

Category: ICO Regulation

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