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How 'blockchain' compares with 'dotcom' in the company name game; Coinbase Is Making

How 'blockchain' compares with 'dotcom' in the company name game

One of the first things you learn as a value investor is to dig below the surface of any potential investment – analysing a business’s balance sheet and other data to ensure you really understand its underlying value, its financial strength and how it works. In short, a relentless focus on the numbers means we are not tempted to take anything at face value – to judge a book by its cover or, indeed, a company by its name. And yet plenty of investors are more than happy to do so – particularly when the company name reflects a hot new trend.

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Coinbase Is Making $2.7 Million a Day

Running a major cryptocurrency exchange can be a logistical nightmare, but the rewards make it all worthwhile. In information released to shareholders this week, Coinbase revealed that it recorded turnover of $1 billion last year, which works out at an astonishing $2.74 million a day or $2,000 a minute. As America’s largest bitcoin broker, Coinbase claims the lion’s share of the money that’s pouring into the crypto space at a dizzying rate. 2017 was a bumper year for all crypto exchanges, which reported record numbers...

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Blending Man And Machine To Get The Most From AI

It's a strange paradox of our times that we are repeatedly told that AI and automation will destroy jobs, whilst at the same time most of the western world is struggling with incredibly low levels of productivity growth. A recent study led by Stanford University suggests that the failure of AI investments to pull through into higher productivity numbers might be down to the economic model that underpins how companies get their data. It suggests that by not paying us for the data we freely give up to...

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Volkswagen's Chief Digital Officer Joins Blockchain Non-Profit Iota Foundation

The recent value of its leading technologies such as bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Ripple have all plunged recently on the likelihood of strident legislation, taxation and even outright prohibition. Expect more pressure to be exerted by bad publicity and scare stories. In spite of this rallying opposition, life in crypto and the blockchain goes on as the revolution unfolds, not least in talent being brought into the fold, especially in the non-profit space and when it comes to matching this technology with IoT.

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Bob Lutz And Tesla: The Difference Between The Old Economy And The New

Bob Lutz, a motor industry veteran who has occupied senior positions at Chrysler, Ford and BMW, is quoted in articles by the LA Times and Mashable telling collectors and car enthusiasts to buy a Tesla Model S before the company goes belly up, calling the car "one of the fastest, best handling, best braking sedans that you could buy in the world today,” adding, “the acceleration times will beat any $350,000 European exotic." At 85, Bob Lutz has just about seen it all and has written extensively about...

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