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Bitcoin is unfolding like the dot-com crash — just 15 times faster; Peter Thiel: Europe is cracking

Rough seas for bitcoin's value which has lost nearly $3000 in the past 15 days.

Bitcoin is unfolding like the dot-com crash — just 15 times faster

Bitcoin is behaving a lot like how the Nasdaq did during the dot-com bubble nearly 20 years ago, but the timeline is unfolding much faster, according to research published by Morgan Stanley on Monday. The Nasdaq in 2000 and modern-day bitcoin both rallied 250 to 280 percent in their most "exuberant" periods ahead of bear markets, Morgan Stanley said in a note to clients. "Just that the bitcoin rally was around 15 times the speed," Sheena Shah, strategist at Morgan Stanley said.

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Peter Thiel: Europe is cracking down on Silicon Valley out of 'jealousy

European regulators are clamping down on Silicon Valley companies because they are “jealous” of the success of the technology industry in the US, according to PayPal co-founder and investor Peter Thiel. Speaking about the looming threat of regulation for these companies, Thiel said that the “threat is probably greater in Europe” and there are “good reasons and bad reasons”. “The good reasons are these privacy concerns and the bad reasons are there are no successful tech companies in Europe and they are jealous...

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Philip Hammond is launching a UK fintech strategy this week

Hammond is expected to reveal the plan at an international conference on Thursday. According to The Sunday Times, he will say the Financial Services Trade and Investment Board has been asked to pick out two areas where industry and government could work together to improve the UK's involvement in the digital economy. He will also lay out a plan to establish closer links with Australia's government, regulator and industries, creating a so-called "fintech bridge" with the country, and to build a new taskforce led by the Treasury...

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How Machine Learning Is Reshaping Online Search

When was the last time the world of online search was truly reinvented? For the most part, since 1998, search algorithms have been updated iteratively and gradually. Instead of moving forward with any one new innovation, companies like Google work to refine the features they already have; for example, instead of scrapping content quality as a ranking factor, they simply update their algorithms to be better at determining content quality. These logical, progressive improvements aren’t likely to disappear anytime soon, but a new...

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How the World's Largest Bitcoin Miner Is Taking on AI's Most Powerful Players

“In the future, AI will be everywhere,” said Bitmain product marketer Allen Tang while explaining how the biggest bitcoin mining equipment producer in the world plans to conquer artificial intelligence. “It will be on cars, it will be on cameras, it will be on servers, in the back end,” he continued. “It’s just like the motor vehicle replacing the horse – it’s a big-time change that can dramatically alter the world. We think that’s a big trend and we need to do that.” Founded by Jihan Wu and Micree Zhan, Bitmain dominates...

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