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EY to Spend US$ 1 Billion in Disruptive Technologies, Looking for machine learning experts? LinkedIn

EY to Spend US$ 1 Billion in Disruptive Technologies

EY announced plans to invest US$1 billion in new technology solutions, client services, innovation and the EY ecosystem over the next two financial years, commencing from July. According to EY, this move is part of their ongoing strategy to provide clients and people with innovative offerings using the latest disruptive technologies. The new US$1b funding is in addition to the existing, significant annual technology investment. The investment will be used to create new technology-based services and solutions in areas such as...

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Looking for machine learning experts? LinkedIn data shows how to find them

More and more businesses are looking for employees with skills in the emerging field of machine learning. Recruiting those employees, however, can be difficult, given how in-demand they are. LinkedIn on Tuesday shared some data that illustrates the typical career path of a machine learning professional, providing insight into how an organization can build up the talent it needs. To conduct its analysis, LinkedIn studied the profiles of members from around the globe with at least one machine learning skill listed...

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Venezuela Looking to Launch a Central Bank for Cryptocurrencies

Venezuela is reportedly looking to lunch a central bank for cryptocurrencies, as the country’s National Constituent Assembly is preparing to reform the Venezuelan Constitution to include it, along with a court above its Supreme Court. According to Reuters, information on the development was provided by Hermann Escarrá, which the outlet describes as “one of the most influential members of the assembly that prepares the changes to the 1999 Constitution.” A draft of the changes to the country’s Constitution is...

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Category: Central Banking

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Artificial Intelligence Will Replace Tasks, Not Jobs

There is no shortage of angst when it comes to the impact of AI on jobs. For example, a survey by Pew Research Internet finds Americans are roughly twice as likely to express worry (72%) than enthusiasm (33%) about a future in which robots and computers are capable of doing many jobs that are currently done by humans. AI, at your service. However, at least one set of experts believes jobs will be shredded, but not eliminated. Instead of worrying about job losses, executives should be helping to reduce jobs in which...

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Category: Artificial Intelligence

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Why community banks should negotiate shorter fintech contracts

When Eddy Arriola moved into banking in 2009, he was shocked at the slow pace of upgrades.

Arriola, CEO of the $600 million-asset Apollo Bank in Miami, was previously an entrepreneur in the call center industry and was used to quicker technology turnover. “When we did our first core system contract they told us that a commitment of eight years would give us a discount,” he said. “But a discount of what? What tech vendor can guarantee me that they’ll be the best eight years from now?”

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Category: Fintech & US Banking

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Venezuela to Peg Pension, Salary Systems to Petro Cryptocurrency

Venezuela is set to begin using its "petro" cryptocurrency as an official accounting unit, according to the country's president. ABC International reported the development on Tuesday, citing a televised announcement by President Nicolas Maduro, who first unveiled the petro back in December. As part of the change, the state oil and gas company Petróleos de Venezuela (PDVSA) will reportedly begin using the petro as a mandatory accounting unit. The moves come as Venezuela's government seeks to...

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